1-2-1 PT

1-2-1 PT

Whether you are brand new to exercise or a gym veteran, I will help you accomplish your fitness goals. With a bespoke, 1-2-1 training session, designed for you and will provide the know-how, coaching, motivation and expertise that is necessary for building confidence in your training, and more importantly, in yourself !!

My 1-2-1 Coaching programme is delivered by friendly, professional trainer who will work with you to:

  • improve your fitness
  • increase strength
  • manage your weight (whether it’s losing fat or gaining muscle)
  • train for an event or sport
  • get back to fitness following injury
  • make changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Receive expert advice and 1-2-1 motivational encouragement throughout your workout
  • Improve muscle tone and fitness level
  • Increase your sense of well-being
  • Lose weight and reduce body fat
  • Get that feel good factor!

Benefits of a Personal Coach

  1. Reach your goals better and faster – get the best results possible as your Coach will make sure no time is wasted - the time you put in will be productively spent and they’ll fit around your schedule
  2. Reduced chance of injury – your Coach will provide the instruction needed to ensure you train safely, performing the right exercises and with the proper technique
  3. Overcome plateaus – training plateaus are a particular frustration for experienced gym users. Your Coach can help you smash through these and achieve the next milestone in your training
  4. Get the gains (and losses!) that you want – your Coach will help you establish the right programme to achieve the results you want. This can be a difficult balance to find without help.
  5. Make it a habit! – your Coach will help you find ways to make fitness and healthy living a priority, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing achievable goals step by step
  6. Motivate and maintain success - your Coach will provide you with the essential motivation skills to continue your fitness journey.

You'll have a bespoke plan devise for you, the exercise programme will make sure you are working hard and getting results!

During your journey with me you will receive free membership to the gym

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